Join Kelly Helfman as she takes you on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and personal growth. In this podcast, Kelly hasauthentic conversations around her own experiences and invitesa diverse range of thought leaders, industry experts, and everydayreal heroes to share their insight and stories on navigating theintricacies of real-life challenges. There's no sugarcoating here;The Custom Made Podcast delves into the raw and unflteredrealities of modern living sprinkled with a lot of laughs. FOLLOW ON CUSTOM MADEPODCAST:WITH KELLY HELFMANTHE
FOLLOW ON Join Kelly Helfman as she takes you on a journey ofself-discovery, empowerment, and personal growth.In this podcast, Kelly has authentic conversationsaround her own experiences and invites a diverserange of thought leaders, industry experts, andeveryday real heroes to share their insight andstories on navigating the intricacies of real-lifechallenges. There's no sugarcoating here;The Custom Made Podcast delves into the raw andunfiltered realities of modern living sprinkled with alot of laughs. CUSTOM MADEPODCAST: WITH KELLY HELFMAN THE


Explore the intersection of personal and professional growth with some of today’s most accomplished industry experts.

In Kelly’s final episode this season, she reflects on her first season of the podcast and introduces her partner Josh! She shares openly how they met, being ready to move on after divorce and the possibility of new beginnings together. Join Kelly and Josh as they explore the complexities of modern relationships and offer insights into building healthy connections. Get ready for a heartfelt discussion that celebrates the beauty of fresh starts and the power of genuine connection.

In today’s episode, Kelly offers a short guided visualization practice for connecting with your future self, guiding you toward the life you desire. In this guided meditation, you will be able to reflect on what is coming up for you and emotions from your future self. Use this practice as motivation and guidance as you work toward your goals and aspirations.

In this episode, Roxanne Kaiser, Reality Star from Netflix’s The Ultimatum and Founder of Pasted Nip, shares advice and talks openly about the ups and downs of starting a business. You’ll learn how resilience and authenticity will allow you to follow your entrepreneurial dreams. Roxanne and Kelly will also share their journeys around having panic disorder, offering a path of empowerment. Their unfiltered stories provide valuable lessons and encouragement for anyone pursuing their career goals, from managing stress to finding balance.

Feel like it is super hard to maintain or find quality adult friendships? You are not alone! In this episode we will dive into the complexities of friendships as an adult and the importance of letting go of connections that no longer serve you. We’ll discuss intuitive approaches to meeting new friends and the role vulnerability plays in fostering genuine bonds. This episode offers essential guidance for adults navigating the challenges of friendship, focusing on meaningful connections and personal growth.

In this insightful episode, we welcome back Patrice, our financial expert with a heart for empowering women. Building on her previous finances 101 guidance, Patrice delves into the world of investments, explaining everything from savings CDs to stocks. She offers digestible conservative strategies to start investing your money and helps you learn how to turn your savings into smart assets. This episode is perfect for beginners, join us for a no-nonsense talk on making your money work for you.

In this episode, Kelly opens up about the challenges of balancing her career with the guilt of being a working mom. She shares her own experiences, validating other working moms, and provides practical ways she has managed the guilt and made sure to show up as a parent. Kelly offers perspective, advice, and tips on navigating career advancement while prioritizing parenting responsibilities. You are not alone!

Feeling like motherhood has consumed you and you have lost your own identity? You’re not alone! This episode tackles the challenge of maintaining your own identity while raising children. We will offer guidance for moms who are feeling disconnected from themselves. Learn how to prioritize self-care, set boundaries, and reclaim your sense of self. This episode is a must-listen for moms who want to feel happy, fulfilled, and authentic to themselves.

Feeling disconnected in your marriage because you have grown apart? You’re not alone. In this episode, we will tackle the difficult decision of divorce due to falling out of love. We will offer guidance and support for listeners questioning if growing apart from your spouse is a valid reason to end their marriage. Learn how to navigate feelings of guilt, financial concerns, and the impact on children.

In this episode, Writer/Podcaster/Creative, Matt Gottesman, sheds light on the importance of self-discovery and following your passions to find your niche. He offers practical advice on using practices like morning pages and meditation to gain clarity to find your niche and emphasizes the importance of consistent creation in building confidence. This episode is packed with valuable insights for anyone seeking to break free from the mold and pursue their passions. Tune in to learn how to find your niche, unleash your inner creator, tap into your spirituality and build a fulfilling life!

In this episode, Content Creator Haely White candidly discusses her recent experience with divorce while coming out. Haely shares how she experienced a mental breakdown on her 40th birthday, and explores the nuances of dating women, including the complexities of having a relationship with someone much younger. She bravely delves into the struggles of coming out and grappling with societal, familial, and personal acceptance. Despite adversities, Haely’s resilience shines through, offering profound insights and invaluable lessons from her experiences both around divorce and rediscovering her sexuality. The conversation between Kelly and Haely is both authentic and inspiring, providing a compelling glimpse into both of their divorce journey’s, how they got through the difficult times and moving on.

In our 26th episode, Kelly shares personal insights on effectively managing when your child expresses interest in adopting a different religious belief or converting. Drawing from her own experience, she offers tips and advice, covering aspects like fostering open communication, understanding their perspective, creating a supportive environment, handling external opinions, and managing your emotions. If you or someone you know is navigating a similar situation, this episode is worth sharing!

In this episode, I’m sharing my 18 years of experience in the tradeshow industry, explaining why these events are essential for your business strategy in any industry. Whether you’re interested in exhibiting or attending, I’ll explain how tradeshows boost visibility, connect you with buyers and sellers, and increase ROI. Join me as I highlight the importance of choosing the right show and its significant impact on your business. Ready to refine your tradeshow approach? Let’s explore this dynamic world together!

In this episode, Andrea Quinn, a life and business coach and author of “The Quinn Essentials for Women: 9 Transformational Tools to Accomplish Anything,” dives into the pivotal concept of “receiving.” Andrea elaborates on how embracing the act of receiving can positively impact various aspects of life. She guides you through the essential steps to integrate this transformative tool, empowering you to foster balance and unlock the ability to receive all that you desire.

In this episode, we’ll be discussing 9 pro tips on enhancing productivity and accomplishing all tasks efficiently. Whether it’s prioritization methods or implementing time-blocking, these strategies are designed to streamline both personal and professional aspects of a busy life. Join us to discover ways to optimize your time and elevate your productivity, ensuring you tick off everything on your to-do list!

In this episode, Stacey McKinnon, COO and CMO of Morton Wealth, shares her journey from Pilates instructor and wedding planner to a respected financial business executive. Stacey covers topics like career advancement and making a difference at the leadership level. She will explain the essential qualities of effective leadership, offering valuable guidance on mindset, habits, and communication to ensure success. Join us as we explore personal development strategies to boost confidence and refine communication skills. Stacey’s wisdom reminds us of our ability to positively influence others.

In our 21st episode, we’ll explore the significant dilemma that many encounter when grappling with the decision to remain in or exit a marriage. Making this tough choice is challenging, and certainty is elusive. I candidly share my own experiences, shedding light on the factors that guided me in recognizing when it was appropriate to explore other possibilities. This episode aims to offer reassurance and support, making it easier for you to navigate this difficult decision.

In this episode, Lindsey Albanese, Founder and Content Creator, delves into her transformation from a full-time celebrity fashion stylist to becoming an entrepreneur and the inventor behind the TOPTOTE hat clip. Lindsey shares her motivating evolution from stylist to business owner and provides practical advice on transitioning from a secure job to establishing your own brand. She discusses the key aspects of gaining the confidence to launch a business and outlines effective strategies for creating opportunities to ensure success. Join in to gain valuable insights and listen to this inspiring episode now!

In this episode, Kelly unveils her go to method for navigating challenging conversations with finesse. Discover when and how to utilize this pro-tip communication strategy as she provides practical examples that demonstrate its effectiveness. To elevate your conversation skills and learn to address difficult topics with tact and empathy, tune in to gain valuable insights that will empower you to master even the trickiest of dialogues. Your secret weapon for successful communication starts here!

In this episode, we are joined by the brilliant entrepreneur Laura Benson. She shares invaluable insights on starting an online product business in 2024. Laura is the founder of The Business Growr Movement, a community dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs. Join us for a conversation filled with actionable advice and wisdom from Laura, as she guides us through the latest trends, solutions, and strategies essential for success in the ever-evolving world of online entrepreneurship. We will cover how to pick your niche and product, manufacturing strategies, and how to successfully market and sell your product. Laura will share the do’s and don’ts based on her experience from her own business, providing a comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs.

Does the stigma of medication hold you back from seeking mental health support? Join Kelly as she shares her own journey with mental health (specifically Panic Disorder) and how medication became her powerful ally in managing it. This episode is a raw and honest conversation about overcoming shame, embracing meds, and thriving with the right tools. Learn how medication can empower your mental health journey and live life to the fullest.

In this episode, we journey through a life marked by personal growth and resilience. Listen to Kelly and Andrea’s candid conversation as they navigate through the complex topics of body image, addiction, personal growth, divorce, and faith. Andrea’s story is a testament to the power of facing challenges and using them as stepping stones to a stronger, more authentic self.

The pressure to cook, particularly for mothers, is deeply ingrained in our society. But what happens when you simply don’t enjoy it, or when life makes it impossible to whip up a three-course meal every day? In this episode, Kelly delves into the often-overlooked reality of not cooking, exploring the guilt, the practicalities, and ultimately, the path to acceptance.

Join host Kelly Helfman for an enlightening exploration of BaZi with seasoned Feng Shui practitioner Jen Stone. Unravel the mysteries of BaZi as Jen provides a unique perspective on destiny analysis and life path interpretation. Discover how understanding your personal BaZi chart empowers informed decision-making, spanning from career to relationships. Gain exclusive insights as Jen paints a picture of what to expect in 2024, offering valuable guidance on how it can affect you and the people around you.

Dating after being out of the game for over a decade can be terrifying, especially in a new digital world where everyone meets online! In this episode, Kelly gets vulnerable and opens up about her experience of entering a very different dating scene after a divorce. She is honest about all the mixed emotions, the period of adjustment, and how she had to just be open to new experiences. Self-reflection was key for Kelly, and she shared how she was able to navigate the new journey successfully!

Join host Kelly Helfman and guest Leigh Weinraub, a counseling psychology expert who practices walk-and-talk therapy. Leigh shares her journey from tennis player to coach and founder of the Minded Motion lifestyle brand. She discusses the importance of intrinsic motivation, staying present, and finding authentic ways to connect with oneself. Leigh emphasizes the power of aligning actions with values and suggests practical steps for personal growth. The conversation highlights the role of mindfulness and the benefits of holding oneself accountable for positive change

In this episode, Kelly interviews Sacha Thompson, a premier inclusive culture coach and consultant with nearly 20 years of expertise. Gain insights from her extensive coaching experience with executives, fostering meaningful DEI dialogues and instigating long-term changes for diverse and equitable workplace cultures.
Sacha is also the host of  DEIAfter5, a podcast focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Tune in for practical advice on transforming workplace cultures and embracing diversity.

In this episode, Kelly simplifies the concept of the law of attraction and provides practical advice on how to manifest your all your desires. Kelly also offers her top recommendations for gaining a deeper understanding of living as a super attractor. This episode will be sure to get you motivated to live your best life!

In this episode, Kelly interviews Ashley Alderson, the founder of the Boutique Hub. Ashley delves into the intricacies of building an online community with the intention of turning it into a profitable business. She offers insights on identifying your target audience, selecting the right platforms establishing engagement guidelines, and then transitioning into a subscription based model, plus so much more, all of which can be applied to various industries.

7 Tips to Ensure Your Career Progression With Kelly Helfman

Looking for tips tailored to help you advance your career within the company you work for? In this episode, Kelly shares 7 top strategies based on her personal journey—rising from a customer service rep to the division president in a span of 15 years. These valuable tips will help steer your career towards success.

Join host Kelly Helfman and guest Barbara Savin, an accomplished Energy Healer and Author, as they explore the world of using affirmations and positive statements in your daily spiritual practice. Barbara also gives guidance on how to protect yourself from negativity and how to clear your own energy. Plus, enjoy a bonus 8-minute guided meditation for inner peace.

Kelly interviews Wealth Advisor Patrice Bening about ways to increase your bank account balance. This episode offers actionable methods to establish savings, manage your budget and adopt wise spending habits. Patrice will provide specific resources to assist your journey in financial planning and wealth accumulation.

Join Kelly in a conversation with Author and PR expert Nicole Myden as they delve into the challenges of finding oneself at a particular life stage that doesn’t align with society expectations. Nicole and Kelly candidly discuss the struggle of clinging to past identities related to marriages and careers, while offering insights on discovering one’s genuine life purpose. The conversation will encompass guidance on heeding your instincts, embarking on a new journey, and identifying your self-value and life’s true calling to live an authentic life.

In this episode, Kelly openly discusses her journey, finding the strength to conclude her 16-year marriage. She outlines 10 precise steps she took to navigate this challenging period and move past the grief. Tune in for practical advice and valuable resources to aid you during the toughest phases of life, whether it involves exiting a marriage or relationship, enduring heartbreak, or coping with the loss of a loved one.

Join Kelly for a candid conversation with celebrity musician and designer Nikki Lund, as she reveals her journey from growing up in Hollywood to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Discover how Nikki overcame personal and professional challenges, including working with ex Richie Sambora, to building a thriving business, all while juggling motherhood and self-care.

Join Kelly and Celebrity Broadcaster Adrianna Costa as they have a vulnerable conversation about how they were parented as children around food choices and how that affects their confidence and eating habits today as adults. This episode offers valuable insights for parents looking for tips on how to communicate with your child around food choices and eating habits in order not to create a future problem around their self-esteem and body image as they enter adulthood.

Welcome to The Custom Made Podcast! Join Kelly Helfman as she fearlessly delves into career-life balance, self-care, and unapologetic discussions on real challenges. Tune in for raw insights, relatable stories, and a chance to embrace your authentic self, expect a lot of laughter and relatability.

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7 Tips to Ensure Your Career Progression With Kelly Helfman

Looking for tips tailored to help you advance your career within the company you work for? In this episode, Kelly shares 7 top strategies based on her personal journey—rising from a customer service rep to the division president in a span of 15 years. These valuable tips will help steer your career towards success.

Join host Kelly Helfman and guest Barbara Savin, an accomplished Energy Healer and Author, as they explore the world of using affirmations and positive statements in your daily spiritual practice. Barbara also gives guidance on how to protect yourself from negativity and how to clear your own energy. Plus, enjoy a bonus 8-minute guided meditation for inner peace.

More Episodes Coming Soon - Stay Tuned



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